The Fentanyl Solution | Talk Show: Drug Dealers Are Getting Away With Murder in California

In this episode, guest speaker Arnel Dino, Development Officer of Fentanyl Solution Group, talks about his career path, his involvement in public service and how the fentanyl crisis affects many communities. Our host, President & CEO of Fentanyl Solution Group, Janice M. Celeste and Arnel also speak about how to combat drug and substance abuse by taking proactive action, spreading awareness, and making a change.

“In my city, a young girl died of fentanyl and nobody talked about it.”

Arnel Dino

“Since the legislature is going to go back and forth like they have been, it’s time to take it to the people,”      

Arnel Dino 

Arnel goes over his work at Fentanyl Solution Group. He mentions his efforts to raise awareness among elected officials, collaborate with various organizations, and advocate for action on the statewide and national levels. This discussion touches upon the ballot initiative aimed at addressing the fentanyl crisis on a statewide level, with the goal of becoming a model law for other states. They clarify that the initiative targets dealers rather than individuals passing pills among friends, highlighting the importance of Good Samaritan laws that protect those seeking help during overdoses.

“We are looking for dealers on Snapchat stalking kids,”

Janice Celeste

Janice and Arnel also emphasize the need for each and every person to take action against Fentanyl to end this crisis once and for all. Listen all about it on our syndicated podcast featured on our Facebook (@fentanylsolution) and Twitter (@fentanylsol). 

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