About Us

FentanylSolution.org is an Orange County, California-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to combat the illicit fentanyl crisis. Our team is deeply committed to making a difference and saving lives by addressing this dangerous drug’s devastating impact on communities across the country.

Although we work nationwide, we maintain a sharp focus on Orange County as we strive to raise awareness, provide education, and mobilize action to curb the fentanyl crisis. Our goal is to bring together individuals, families, and organizations to work towards creating a safer future for everyone.

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FentanylSolution.org aspires to a future where every community is safeguarded from the destructive effects of fentanyl, where heightened awareness creates an impenetrable shield against this devastating epidemic, ensuring that no more lives are lost.


FentanylSolution.org's mission is to deliver comprehensive education, powerful advocacy, and unwavering community support to eradicate fentanyl deaths in the United States. Let us know how we can partner with you or your organization to make a difference.

Meet Our Team

Shane Wood

Executive Director

Christine Kirkwood

Executive Assistant | Veteran Resource Coordinator

Donna Willis

Development Coordinator | Media & Marketing

Annastasia Rose Beal

Outreach and Resource Coordinator

Alena Andrews

Development Coordinator | Corporate Strategic Growth