Annastasia Rose Beal

Annastasia Rose Beal, the Chief Operations Officer of Harm Reduction Circle, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a focus on Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Annastasia‘s professional journey into the realm of harm reduction began with a simple mission of reducing drug-related harms when Fentanyl began flooding into nightlife settings in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. As the founder of Harm Reduction Circle, she leveraged her strategic skills to guide the organization’s impactful mission to lead harm reduction efforts at more than 100+ events across the United States & launch multiple initiatives dedicated to raising awareness & reducing drug-related harms in nightlife settings.

Her passion & commitment intertwined with lived experience to expand her vision to service in marginalized communities, with a particular focus on Orange County California. This includes extensive overdose response training, along with distributing more than 50,000+ doses of Naloxone, in addition to launching several community-based initiatives like Meals on Onewheels Orange County which serves individuals experiencing homelessness. With a keen focus on community-driven approaches, Annastasia has played a pivotal role in mobilizing resources, building relationships, and advocating for policies prioritizing well-being. Through her lived experiences, & an unwavering passion for harm reduction, she joined to continue her mission to combat the opioid epidemic.