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Every day, kids and adults are dying from preventable tragedies caused by fake pills laced with deadly fentanyl. Join us in demanding action to hold those who distribute these drugs accountable and prevent kids from accessing these dangerous substances in the first place.


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Enough Is Enough!

We cannot sit back and watch as children die from fake pills and illicit fentanyl. This is not the time for excuses or sympathy for drug dealers. They know exactly what they are doing when they sell these deadly substances. The days of turning a blind eye to their actions are over.

This is not about the failed War on Drugs or addiction. This is a war on America, on our families, on our children. We cannot allow drug dealers to profit off of the deaths of loved ones. It’s time for action. It’s time to demand that those who distribute these lethal substances be held accountable, that they face stronger laws and penalties for their actions.

We must stand together, to fight for the safety of our communities and the future of our children. It’s time to send a message loud and clear: we will not tolerate the killing of children for the sake of profit. Join us in this fight to stop fake pills and save lives.

It is the same story repeated every single day: a parent hugs their child in the evening and says, “Goodnight,” and in the morning, they discover their child dead in their bed. This story of heartbreak continues as long as nothing is done.

This story of loss and heartbreak is repeated every day, and it will continue as long as we allow it to. We cannot sit idly by while children are dying at the hands of drug traffickers who profit from their deaths.

It’s time to take action, to demand justice for those who have been taken too soon. We have no other choice but to hold these criminals accountable and ensure that they face the full weight of the law.

Let’s fight for a world where parents can tuck their children in at night and know they’ll wake up safe and sound in the morning. Together, we can make a difference and put an end to this heartbreaking story.

Many of the children who died had either tried pills for the first time or had taken them very recently before their death.


  • Fake Pills That Are Killing Kids. Fentanyl was associated with 77% of adolescent deaths in 2021 (CDC). It causes instant death, and the victims never know what hit them.
  • It’s Not Just Pills. Drug dealers lace other drugs like cocaine and marijuana with fentanyl, unbeknownst to the user. One party night or Spring Break could be the person’s last.
  • Made In Mexico. These fake pills are mixed and manufactured in Mexico by the drug cartels and are designed to look like real Xanax, Oxycodone, Adderall, Valium, Percocet, Norco, and other drugs. However, there is none of those drugs in the pills. They appear to be legitimate, but they are laced with highly addictive and potentially lethal fentanyl that cannot be mixed well or evenly. One pill can be void of fentanyl, while another from the same batch can have enough fentanyl to kill several people.
  • Raw Materials from China: China provides the raw materials and ships them to the cartel in Mexico to manufacture the pills.
  • Taking Over the Black Market. At least 6 out of 10 pills sold by drug dealers are illicit fentanyl disguised as popular drugs (DEA). Currently, it accounts for 60% of the black market, and some estimates suggest it’s closer to 100%.
  • Non-Discriminatory. This crisis affects families from all walks of life, races, and genders. It does not discriminate.
  • Delivered To Your Home. Popular food delivery services that we use every day may unknowingly deliver these drugs to your home. The drivers have no idea what is in the package they have just dropped off to your child.
  • Profitable. Counterfeit pills and drugs laced with fentanyl powder make drug dealers 10 times more money than manufacturing the real pill. Fentanyl is highly addictive, and your child may not even realize they are addicted to it.
  • Extremely Lethal. Fentanyl is extremely lethal. It causes instant death, and even a piece of a pill can be deadly. It takes only a few grains of salt worth of fentanyl to kill several adults.
  • Complex. This is a multifaceted problem that requires addressing each aspect, including stronger laws and penalties, and harm reduction.
  • Easy To Get. Kids often obtain these fake pills from social media, using emojis as code words. Or the child may get the pill from a friend for pain, stress, anxiety, or to help them sleep, and it turns out to be lethal.


  • Just A Homeless Problem: Yes, the homeless are affected terribly by fentanyl, but it is also killing kids.
  • An Overdose: An overdose requires the consumption of a bunch of pills. A tiny corner of a fake Xanax has killed a teen. This is called fentanyl poisoning. A chance to become addicted for too long. It is called “Pill Roulette,” and it is only a matter of a short time before a lethal dose will be consumed.
  • The War on Drugs: This is not the failed War on Drugs where we want to put all drug dealers in prison. With illicit fentanyl being talked about everywhere, there is no longer the excuse that the drug dealer did not know the pills were laced or deadly. They know their industry! Sympathy for the drug dealer making money to provide for his family has to stop when it comes to killing another person’s family to do so. Sell something else! This is not the failed War on Drugs when addiction was the biggest fear; this is a War on America where killing our children is the fatal result.
  • Transported By Migrants: The cartel utilizes Americans to cross the border with illicit fentanyl since Americans are less likely to get caught.


We need to take action now to stop the spread of lethal fake pills and fentanyl poisoning. Kids are dying every day from this preventable tragedy. We need stronger laws and penalties to hold those who distribute these drugs accountable, as well as increased education and harm reduction efforts to prevent kids from accessing these dangerous substances in the first place.

Are you ready to make a difference? Join us in this critical cause and save lives!