Podcast & LIVE Stream Guidelines

Fentanyl Solution is a professional broadcast. These guidelines will help create a smooth experience that will ensure you look your best.

Before The LIVE Show

Be sure to test your webcam prior to your broadcast time. Note: We are on Pacific Time.

  • Check your audio! The biggest issue guests have are audio problems.
  • If you have earbuds with a microphone (cell phone earbuds) or better, use them.
  • A wired ethernet connection works better than WIFI. If you must use WIFI, get as close to your router as you can.
  • IMPORTANT: Use Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Be sure to have light in your face. We record video as well, usually LIVE, so make sure you look your best and the lighting is good.
  • If you have more than one person/device using the internet, your video may become jerky or buffer.
  • Connect with us using your computer and not your cellphone whenever possible.
  • If you have a product or a giveaway for the audience, please let me know immediately.
  • We will give you a promo graphic with your photo on it for the show. The link to watch the show is on our Facebook page. Share this link as far and as wide as you possibly can.

You Can Share The Broadcast Link On:

Your Facebook profiles | Your business page(s) | Any groups (where relevant) | Send it to your email list

IM people you know will join-in or catch the replay |  Tweet it on Twitter (@FentanylSol)


  • I will start by introducing the show.
  • I will introduce you.
  • I will ask you for some background about yourself.
  • If you have a giveaway, we will announce it.
  • I will ask you how you can be contacted.


  • Turn off everything on your computer except for the broadcast window. This includes Zoom, Skype, Word documents and anything that is on your computer that uses resources especially Facebook.
  • Be ready at least 15 minutes prior to the broadcast.
  • Join the interview with the provided link.
  • Wear earbuds or a headset! This will prevent potential feedback issues.
  • If you have problems with audio or video during the broadcast, you can refresh your screen at the top of your browser. You will be temporarily booted out of the show but not the broadcast platform. We will bring you back into the show when you’re ready.
  • The audience can add questions or comments on our Facebook page, under the live video and we might post their questions live on-air.
  • Always tell a story, don’t just answer with a “yes” or “no” answer.
  • After the show, share the link to the video replay.
  • If you are having problems or technical difficulties or just know of someone else who is doing amazing things in the fentanyl space, please drop us an email or feel free to connect us at: Christine@FentanylSolution.org | 888-931-6244

The more people who know about the broadcast, the more interactivity we will get. SHARE! We will be doing our part, too!