Stirring Up Awareness: The SuitcaseBarman’s Impactful Role at STOMP! Fentanyl Weekend Series

In the realm of mixology, where craft meets showmanship, one name stands out: Mikey D’Amato, also known as The SuitcaseBarman (IG: @the_suitecasebarman/Tik Tok: @the_suitecase). With over a decade of experience in the craft bartending scene, D’Amato is renowned for his ability to turn an ordinary drink into an extraordinary experience. Recently, he brought his flair and expertise to the forefront at the STOMP! Fentanyl weekend series, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

STOMP! VIP Launch Party

In an exclusive Q&A session, Mikey D’Amato shared insights into his passion for mixology and his personal connection to the cause. “Years ago, I lost my brother to Fentanyl,” he revealed. “Participating in events that raise awareness is very important to me.” This deeply personal connection underscores his commitment to using his talents to make a difference in the fight against fentanyl abuse.

D’Amato’s dedication to raising awareness extends beyond his bartending events. He highlighted the various skills he incorporates into his daily lifestyle to support organizations like “To be honest, I’d love to see my brother’s mom there,” he expressed. “It would be an overwhelming experience for not only us, but others who are there for the same reason.” Through his participation, D’Amato hopes to spark conversations and empower others to stand strong in support of fentanyl awareness.

True to his promise, D’Amato brought an interactive and unforgettable experience to the guests at the STOMP! Fentanyl events. “I’ll be bringing a few fun tricks that will include small fire and smoke shows,” he teased, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring a memorable event from the beverage side of things. With every drink he served and every conversation he engaged in, D’Amato exuded passion and dedication, leaving a lasting impact on all who crossed his path.

STOMP! Fentanyl Fashion Show & Silent Auction

As the STOMP! Fentanyl weekend series came to a close, Mikey D’Amato’s presence lingered in the memories of attendees. His flair behind the bar served as a powerful reminder of the importance of raising awareness and taking action against the fentanyl crisis. Through his artistry and advocacy, D’Amato continues to make a difference, one drink and one conversation at a time.

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