Using Technology to Keep Children Safe in the Fentanyl Crisis

This podcast features two guests, Carolyn Bradfield and Amber Toth, who are CEOs of technology companies dedicated to child safety amidst the fentanyl crisis.

“we have our phones filtered to not have access to any type of browser capabilities or social media…”

-Amber Toth

Amber’s company, Dragon Mobile, offers a secure cell phone service for kids, allowing only essential functions like calls and texts, shielding them from online risks.

“Our kids have access to entertainment and all of the stuff in so many other places that I want my Basics to be, can I get a hold of my child, do I know where they are…”

-Amber Toth

“It will be the first mobile app to take data from your smart watches and fitness trackers…”

-Carolyn Bradfield

Carolyn’s Interact Lifeline introduces Lifeline Connect, an app that employs smartwatch data to monitor health indicators; it alerts users and their contacts in case of potential overdose risks, while also providing educational resources.

“The mobile app will geo-locate you, it’ll tell you exactly where tell people where you are, someone from the emergency contact list will pick that up and direct help over to you in the event no one responds…”

-Carolyn Bradfield

Both guests stress the gradual introduction of technology to children under parental supervision. They highlight the importance of safeguarding children from online harm, tackling stigmatization, and preparing them for a tech-driven future. The podcast guides listeners to access Dragon Mobile’s services at and Interact Lifeline’s Lifeline Connect app at It concludes by urging caution in children’s tech use to ensure safety and well-being in the digital age.

Watch video here

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