Janice M. Celeste

Janice M. Celeste has an impressive career as an advocate for children and families. Her passion for helping families in need began when she worked as an early childhood specialist and parent educator at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this time, she helped families who were struggling with addiction to ensure their children met their developmental milestones. This early position launched her career as an advocate for children and their families.

Throughout her career, Celeste has worked in various fields, including public school teaching, broadcast communications, and executive positions in the publishing industry. However, her commitment to ending the fentanyl epidemic stands out as a cause she is particularly passionate about championing.

With a degree in early childhood education, organizational management, and an MBA, Celeste brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all of her endeavors. Currently residing in Orange County, she is a valuable asset to the fight against the fentanyl crisis.